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The Beres Group is the solution:  We help business people buy and sell companies.

Our Expertise

We help business people buy and sell companies.

The Beres Group specializes in representing families in the successful sales of their closely held companies.  We also serve business people through acquisition search, debt & equity sourcing and financial restructuring.

The Beres Group offers its clients immediate value by providing access to:

  • An ever growing data base of  registered business buyers including individuals, investment groups, and state, national and international firms looking to purchase US companies.
  • A virtual gateway to professional advisors deal makers, financing sources, tax experts (assuming you don't have your own) and intermediaries.
  • Experienced principals - your business transfer project will never be delegated to anyone with less practice, understanding and know how.
  • The latest trends in marketing and packaging.
  • Valuation and pricing recommendations.
  • Innovative deal structuring resultingin better pricing and more money for you at closing.

Your needs are important to us.  We are unique in what we can deliver our clients because we understand that small and middle market company owners have different issues and requirements when selling a business.  Closely held or family operated businesses rarely face the same selling issues as larger companies.  That's why our firm continues to build its reputation on personalized attention, combined with specialized skills.

The Beres Group is an affiliate of BBN (Business Brokers Network) 
BBN is the leader in the growing and dynamic business brokerage industry.  By providing its team of professional brokers with tried and true tools and methodologies, BBN helps buyers and sellers get businesses sold.  In addition, BBN offers its Affiliate Brokers the most advanced technology to manage their offerings and buyers, to generate professional reports, and to outperform the competition. 

Sellers benefit from BBN
A business owner can benefit from working with a BBN Broker, because BBN Brokers have the training, tools and experience to deliver qualified buyers with a sincere interest in buying a business.

Buyers benefit from BBN
Those looking to buy a business will benefit from consulting a BBN Broker.  BBN Brokers understand that buyers buy “cash flow” or economic performance,  therefore, BBN Brokers focus on offering profitable businesses for sale.
About The Beres Group
The Beres group was formed in 2002 out of a desire to provide professional and confidential business transition services to  small and middle market business owners.  A successful business transfer is difficult and often impossible to do alone.  The financial and emotional needs of both buyer and seller must be properly weighed.  Realistic goals and objectives must be defined and the entire transfer process must be managed by a competent and ethical third party.  The experience, knowledge and results oriented approach of the Beres Group can guide you through this process.

Profile of Principal - David B. Lapinski, Principal, Broker, C.B.B.

Principal and founder of The Beres Group, David's focus includes mid-market business transfers, mergers, and acquisitions in the Northern California marketplace.  His clients include enterprises valued between $1M - $20M.  David has over 25 years of sales management and marketing experience, and has held the position of Vice President with a division of Southern Pacific Railroad, focusing on cleanup and sale of contaminated properties.  Other positions held include Director of International Acquisitions and Sales, Division of Corning Life Sciences, and Vice President of a technology acquisition firm.  Areas of expertise include foreign acquisitions, environmental compliance, patent acquisition, technology commercialization, and IP licensing.  He is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, B.S. and long standing member of the Licensing Executive Society (LES), Silicon Valley Chapter.

Sell Your Business

Your business isn't just any business. It is a living monument to late-night homework and early-morning deadlines. It is an accumulation of sweat, equity and lifetime achievement.

Therefore, the decision to sell your business is one of the most important decisions of your lifetime. Turning your operation into cash is a complex matter involving a number of variables, many of them unique to your business. Additionally, you're likely to face an uncertain economy, unbridled competition, and sophisticated buyers. We provide competent and experienced professional guidance, so you will not be facing them alone.

BBN Affiliate Members professionally orchestrate hundreds of business sales annually.

With our nationwide affiliation, our affiliate member business offerings are regularly presented to numerous potential domestic and international buyers looking to relocate to your area.

Consider the Facts:

One out of five American businesses change hands each year.

The vast majority of all business sellers are first-time sellers, unprepared to meet the complexities and time demands of selling their businesses.

"Do-it-yourself" sellers typically receive considerably less than the fair market price for their businesses.

A significant number of business sales arranged by business owners without professional assistance result in transactional problems, dissatisfaction, default or in court.

Today's business buyer demands reliable financial and operational information that cannot only be confirmed, but also documented and verified. Business buyers, lenders, and their financial advisors deal with facts; not wishes, guesses, and false hope.

THE BERES GROUP specializes in business sales and acquisitions of firms ranging in price from $10,000 to over $10,000,000. We have sold virtually every category of business and invite your review of our performance by contacting our office.

We are selective and are highly successful. We are fully prepared to represent those clients who have a desire to see the continuing success of their business under the guardianship of a new owner.

Fee Basis and Policies:

For the most part, fees are earned on a success basis and are normally paid at the closing. If they are not, then you will be advised in advance of what fees will be required. Our fee agreement will be fully discussed with you prior to any commitment on your part.

For more information please visit our "Selling A Business" page.

Buy Your Business

The vast majority of all business buyers are first time buyers, unprepared to meet the complexities of a business acquisition. However, whether you are considering your first acquisition or are a seasoned investor, you can look to us for assistance in every phase of the transaction. The following, therefore, summarizes the key elements of the business acquisition process as professionally conducted by our office.

Initial Meeting -
Objectives, Needs and Requirements Review:

In preparation for our initial meeting, the business buyer should complete our Buyer Response Form. After completing the form, the buyer will email us the information, or may print the confirmation page and send via fax. This information, along with our subsequent discussions relating to the buyer's personal goals and objectives, will provide an appropriate starting point to the process. A detailed search of our large listing inventory enables us to develop a selection of "target" businesses for the buyer's review.

Review of Acquisition Alternatives:

We make every effort to provide the buyer with pertinent information on a target company's:

  • financial performance
  • staffing
  • facilities
  • equipment
  • lease
  • inventory
  • customers
  • market areas served

This information is where our professional edge makes a difference in a successful acquisition. In most cases we will have tax returns, customer lists, etc. for confirmation.

When business names are disclosed, you will be required to sign a standard "Confidentiality/Disclosure" form. In most cases, this is required by the business owner. Confidentiality is a major priority for business owners/seller and BBN Affiliate Members. Discretion is part of our professional training.

For more information please visit our "Buying A Business" page.